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'Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-To-Tips'- Publisher's Top 10 Best Seller, Listed 18 Times Over 3 Years
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Endorsements: What others are saying about Tui Rose's writing and research on Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

“Finally a great, informative book on all the many uses of food-grade diatomaceous earth (DE)! The author goes into much detail on everything from using DE for pets to pest control to people. Most of the information in the book is based on her many years of actual experience with DE. You will not be far into the book when you will catch her passion for all the many uses of safe and natural food-grade diatomaceous earth. Even though diatomaceous earth has many “green” uses, most people know nothing about this wonderful product. With great informational books like this one, maybe someday everyone will have diatomaceous earth in the garage and medicine cabinets instead of harmful chemicals and drugs. Thanks, Tui for a much-needed and past-due instruction manual on this God-given, natural product."

Larry Smith
Learn more about Diatomaceous Earth and here

"It is exceptionally good! Well researched and, my favorite part, the information is well qualified: anecdotal information is labeled as anecdotal. Research data is labeled as researched. Nothing is presented as absolute fact unless it really is absolute fact. The book explains stuff I didn’t know, like how it works to control parasites in  mammals. The book also covers how diatomaceous earth is used for cleaning and personal hygiene. A big thumbs up!!"

Phil @ Richsoil
Learn more about Diatomaceous Earth & here

“Tui, thanks for helping my class with your ‘going green’ website. I’m an elementary school teacher and came across your page while looking for some new going green sites. Every year in February we have a going green day where we learn about conserving energy, recycling, and helping the environment. Your page has some great stuff we will be able to use. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help!”

Ms. Lily Floros, Amorita Charter School

“I must thank you for going this distance to produce such a wonderful contribution to the world. DE is paramountly important to our health generally and most effective specifically.”

Dave Metzler, South Africa

“I stumbled upon your book and am in awe! I love that you have shared the endless number of ways to use diatomaceous earth. I have been on a personal quest to keep my family and pets away from traditional pesticides to minimize their risk [of exposure] to toxins. I use DE to de-flea/deworm my little foster kittens and puppies from the shelter, use it in our pets’ food, shake it around the yard, and shake it on the cats and dog as a tick deterrent. No more on-spot treatments for them. In the rabbit hutch and chicken coop it keeps the mites away and the coops dry. All our furry family members are happy and healthy. My kids even shake it on ant hills. I shake it on the middles of our squash to deter the squash borers for destroying our veggies. The list goes on and on.

“I think you are a wealth of information. Now that I have your book, I feel like I can expand on minimizing our toxicity risks even more. Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Jennifer Molzen

“This book is perfect for those who want to explore the uses for diatomaceous earth. It is extremely helpful and puts you in the direction of saying ‘NO’ to pesticides and ‘YES’ to natural ways to keep your environment green and bug free . . . and other uses too! Check it out!”

Laurie, Amazon 5-star review

“This book is the ‘go to’ source for information on diatomaceous earth. Another miracle from Mother Earth that unfortunately too few people know about!”

Janet Lancaster, Earth’s Living, 5-star Amazon review

“I can’t tell you enough times how grateful I am for your DE book. You gathered information from so many sources. I was concerned about DE before I read your book. Now I am happy to have food-grade DE in my kitchen.”

Mary Miller, Houston, Texas

"I purchased some DE recently (in last year) and have used it for many purposes written about in this book.

It wouldn’t hardly be possible for her to list every parasite, pathogen, bacteria, virus and whatever else in one book, however there’s enough information in this book for a “rational” thinking human to grab the ball and run with it. 

I have used it for ground hornets, bugs on the apple trees and a plumb tree, dust mites and many ants. Ants take about 10 minutes before there isn’t a movement. I have also used it for a parasite cleanse as I grew up on a farm with chickens, dogs, cats and cows. 

This is such an incredible product when one considers you can mix it with water and spray it from a hose tting (for that purpose) and not have to breath the powder, which is not a good idea without a dust mask. My apple trees have never looked this good this time of year. If I see bugs on the tree I mix up another batch at a cost of very few pennies and spray the tree down. When it dries there is a white lm on many leaves and apples. No bugs—zero—zilch. Isn’t that kewl to be able to spray something that dehydrates the bugs without worrying about getting it on you??

5 out of 5 stars An incredibly well written informational book.

By Wes Langley “Don Diego” (In The World)



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