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Tui Rose’s books on Diatomaceous Earth were born from the wisdom of a few grandfathers of a small group of original DE pioneers since the early 1950’s. To Tui Rose personally, they have shown their gratefulness after 20 plus years of her association with them for the purposes of sharing what they knew, capturing the data they had kept mostly in their minds, and some unpublished writings. Tui kept questioning, recording, and further researching whatever she could learn from them on this somewhat obscure topic because she felt the world needed to know, as she wondered why it was kept such a secret for so long. After all, DE is some 25 million years old.  

     After more than 60 years of studying and working with DE, still only about one percent of the population knows about the many green uses of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth.  Since the early 1990s, mostly due to the advent of email, the Internet and social media, it has mostly caused a slow but growing public movement who now embrace the subject as DE faithfuls.

     Knowledge recorded and passed onto Tui from these early “dirt” pioneers who toiled in the fields, amassing such a depth of ever-growing understanding on the topic, and a deep consuming personal level of commitment, alerted Tui  to the fact, that she was indeed blessed to have their association as long as they were on the earth. She became single-mindedly focused on capturing in a bottle, so to speak, of the rare combined collections, experiences, facts and amazing stories, from these embodiments of field, who were mentored themselves by agricultural, clinical and scientific researchers.   

      Tui bottled the results of their studies on DE at an earlier time when these dedicated men pretty much stood alone making headway in the knowledge and practical issues of the subject when very few others were aware of the rare treasure that Mother Nature had gifted us, that had been kept a secret for far too long. Until Tui began writing in the 1993, her first book ever written on DE, called Dinosaur Dust was published in 1997 in the USA on Earth Day.

      Their relentless persistence, as trying as it might have been at times for them, still bore results. Wally Tharp and his “dirt” buddies Chuck Hadd and Merv Haney were forever bubbling over with exuberance while sharing their successes and all they knew with anyone who would listen. They were like kids let loose in a big candy store. They  spent many hours with Tui to give her a chance at something they wanted for themselves--to have the sum of 60 something years’ worth of work and findings recorded in her book and passed on to others, with their wishes and hopes their work would be carried on, expanded upon, and to be more accepted by the government.

Wally Tharp who worked with DE well into his 80’s, said to Tui, “I’m so glad you are doing this for us— creating a record to preserve what we don’t want to get lost. We just never have the time to get to do all this ourselves.” Wally was one of a kind, a topmost expert, always busy mentoring farmers and others since the early 1960’s.  Tui Rose is ever so grateful to them taking her under their wing and thanks them for their endorsement and faith in her, to write about their work. 

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